About us

Our motivation

After years of buying and selling bikes on the internet for ourselves and our friends, we decided to put our knowledge to work for the community, and also to follow our passion.
Ciklet will be our playground to accompany you with our team and all our bike shop partner network to change your bike buying experience.

The perfect bike for you

A Ciklet can be a carbon road bike with an electronic transmission, an electric bike with a reliable battery and 1-year warranty or a refurbished vintage bike that will match your most beautiful shirt.
A Ciklet can either come to you in a nice box, or you can pick it up and have the coffee offered to you at the bike shop that has taken care of certifying it. All this with a secure online payment.
Othmane & Christian

Othmane and Christian met at the EPPG triathlon club over ten years ago. They joined forces to simplify the experience of buying and reselling pre-owned bicycles.

If you are looking for a bicycle, ask Othmane! He knows all the components by heart: their weight, their price, and how they work.

On a bike ride, put Christian in front of you and stay on his wheel. He will ride miles in the wind and bring everyone home.

Benjamin & Bob

Our team of mechanics systematically fall in love with every bike that enters our workshop. Bob is the bike geek, he knows all the tricks and works hand in hand with his padawan Benjamin.

Benjamin, an engineer and doctor in acoustics, recently switched to bicycle mechanics. He brings his rigour and his drive for excellence to our certification process.

A beautiful bike in harmony with the environment
Our mission is to raise consumer awareness for refurbished products, in our case second-hand or pre-owned bicycles. We perfect the condition of these used bicycles and then provide a warranty to our customers. This helps to reduce the need for new materials as well as transportation, which then results in a reduced carbon footprint compared to a new bike.

Be inspired by our pre-owned bikes, or sell us your old bike to give it another life!
Ciklet Certifiée
Reconditioned and guaranteed for you!
Our mechanics overhaul every bike from the cassette to the bar tape, and replace any damaged or defective components.

The Ciklet certification includes 34 steps and transforms a used bike into a certified Ciklet, here are its main steps:
  • Authenticity
  • Frame & components
  • Headset & bottom bracket
  • Wheels
  • Braking
  • Transmission
  • Torque tightening
  • Aesthetics