Our used time trial and triathlon bicycles

Buy pre-owned certified time trial and triathlon bikes up to 65% cheaper than new and in complete safety. Like the Canyon Speedmax, Cervelo P5 and many more. In-store pick-up or international delivery, with of course our certification and a 12-month warranty.

Time trial, what's that?

A time trial is a special form of a cycling race. Time trials are a fundamental part of every Triathlon, where each athlete competes individually on their bicycle to finish the course as fast as possible after their swim and before their run. The fact that there’s no drafting possible when riding alone on a bicycle stresses the importance of an aerodynamic and light bicycle, which is as important as a good position on the bike. Other than traditional cycling races, there is no peloton where cyclists ride in a long formation with each (but not the first rider) drafting behind the others before them.

By the way, time trials exist also as team competitions, but this is a more rare event that oftentimes occurs during professional multi-day races like the Grand Tours: the Tour de France, the Giro d'Italia or the Vuelta a España.

As an expert of reconditioning and certifying used bicycles, Ciklet invites you to discover its range of pre-owned certified time trial and triathlon bicycles. Our light high-quality bicycles are ready to race the Tour de France, suitable for any athlete looking for results or good performance.

Why choose a second-hand time trial bike?

Ciklet offers you beautiful second-hand time trial bikes, which you can also find under the name of triathlon bikes. Our team of professionals reconditions bicycles for you that are all certified, which is proof of their excellent quality. Each of our models is rigorously checked and inspected. So there are no unpleasant surprises when you buy your used time trial bike with Ciklet!

Switching to a time trial bike is a must if you want to perform on such a race format. Our pre-owned certified time trial bikes offer you excellent comfort and handling thanks to their aerodynamics. Their structure and lightness - thanks to carbon or aluminium frames - allow you to increase your top speed by up to 15 km/h.

You definitely can find affordable models on the market of new bicycles, but if you want to treat yourself to a top-of-the-range bike, don't hesitate to look for a used time trial bike from Ciklet.

How to choose a used time trial bike?

There are many brands of time trial bikes - for stage races or triathlons - that we can offer you second-hand, such as BMC, Canyon or Cervélo.

A pre-owned time trial bicycle with a carbon frame is ideal for keeping it light and converting energy into speed more efficiently thanks to its stiffness and aerodynamics. In order to enhance these advantages of a time trial bike, it is advisable to choose a time trial bike with disc wheel, which allows you to maintain inertia and aerodynamics. In this way, air does not pass between the spokes, for optimal air penetration!

In addition, professionals are increasingly turning to time trial bikes with 58-60 tooth chainrings.

Let us know what you need and how you ride so that our team can offer you the ideal time trial bike for your next race.