Ciklet Certified™: our certification process

Buying a bike from Ciklet means buying a used bike with no nasty surprises. Every bike passes a rigorous inspection before it is Ciklet certified and sold.
Ciklet’s promise is to provide you with a quality bike that is ready for the Tour de France! To achieve this and to be able to guarantee you a fine-tuned bicycle in perfect condition, we follow the strict certification process below.

Our 34 checkpoints

Our checklist currently includes 34 items, divided into 8 categories:

I. Authenticity

  1. Validation via invoice or serial number
  2. Validation of conformity with the advertisement

II. Frame & components

  1. Search for external cracks
  2. Search for internal cracks in the seatpost
  3. Checking that the seatpost is working properly
  4. Checking the saddle rails and the saddle carriage

III. Headset & bottom bracket

  1. Adjustment of the headset
  2. Adjusting the tension in the bottom bracket

IV. Wheels

  1. Straighten if necessary
  2. Adjustment of the freewheel
  3. Checking the rims
  4. Checking the tightness of the spokes
  5. Checking the tyres
  6. Checking the inner tubes
  7. Checking the inner tube heads

V. Braking

  1. Adjustment of the brakes (pads, disc, hydraulic)
  2. Check the state of the calipers (spring return)
  3. Check the condition of the brake pads or disc pads
  4. Checking the cables

VI. Transmission

  1. Adjustment of the transmission
  2. Check the wear of the parts
  3. Checking the wear of the chain
  4. Cleaning of the chain
  5. Checking the chainrings
  6. Checking the cassette
  7. Cleaning the cassette
  8. Checking the cables

VII. Torque tightening

  1. Tightening the screws
  2. Greasing the screws

VIII. Aesthetics

  1. Checking or replacing the handlebar
  2. Polishing the frame
  3. Charging the battery for the electronic group
  4. Checking the power sensor
  5. Charging the power sensor battery