Our pre-owned Gravel bikes

Buy a pre-owned Gravel bike for up to 65% cheaper than new and in complete safety. From all the best brands, like Canyon, Fuji and more. In-store pick-up or international delivery, with of course our certification and a 12-month warranty.

What does gravel mean?

The Gravel bike is a multi-purpose bicycle suitable for road and rougher terrain. There are many different styles of Gravel bikes, but there are some common features: wide handlebars for optimum grip, a frame geometry to allow for larger tyres, no suspension, disc brakes, additional screws to allow for luggage racks and bottle holders.

All the major manufacturers specialising in cycling offer Gravel models at varying prices. The best Gravel bikes include those from Canyon, Scott, BMC, Cervélo or Trek.

Come and find these used and certified Gravel bikes at Ciklet and don't hesitate to contact us for any information. Our team of passionate professionals will be delighted to answer your questions and guide you in the purchase of a pre-owned Gravel bicycle.

Why opt for a used Gravel bike?

It's so much fun to ride and explore the roads of our regions and cities, comfortably seated in the saddle of an adapted bike! Whether you want to ride on the road or on rougher terrain, a Gravel bike will give you hours of fun.

Ciklet invites all bike enthusiasts, whether they are competitors or amateurs, to find a Gravel bike in our shop that is made for them, adapted to their practice, whether it is for regular or daily usage. Our team will guide you in buying or reselling used bikes and invites you to discover our selection of used Gravel bikes. Choose from our top-of-the-range models the one that will meet all your expectations.

How to choose your second-hand Gravel bike?

High-end Gravel bikes generally sell between €1,700 and €8,000. Whether you are a serious or occasional rider, we recommend that you buy a used certified Gravel bicycle for a much lower price.

However, you should not buy a used Gravel bike with closed eyes. That is why we suggest that you check out Are you searching for a bike? to find exactly what kind of pre-owned Gravel bike suits you best.

Our team will then find the right bicycle for you and recondition, certify and add a warranty to it. This way, you can get a high-quality Gravel bike at a very competitive price!

Ciklet also certifies that your bike has passed all technical inspections and ensures optimum safety on the road.

Have your second-hand Gravel bike delivered to you or come and meet the team that has taken great care to provide you with an exceptional bicycle that is tailored to your needs, so that together we can share our common passion for cycling.